Just like the commercial for your favorite shoe or restaurant, taking professional real estate images is important; regardless if you're listing a property for sale or an investment property you rent out. Real Estate photographers are equipped with skills and gear that will make your property attract more potential clients. 
We know Florida is where everyone comes to vacation and in 2020 more than 300,000 families made the Sunshine State their home. What does that mean? Professional images are more important than ever! 
Save, Save, Save
Time is a precious commodity and you're probably getting bombarded with emails from clients. With my 3 step booking process, you can pick the package, sign the agreement and pay in 5 minutes or less from your computer or even mobile phone. After the property has been photographed, finished images are delivered in 24 hours or less

Everyone owns a smartphone that takes wonderful pictures but to achieve the best results, you need professional gear. That includes wide angle lenses, flashes, tripods and the software to retouch the images. Did I mention that phones can't fly? So add a high-quality drone.
Touching up
Every image is closely inspected and edited to ensure the colors are true and eliminate any temporary eyesores such as faded grass, brush, litter and pop up weeds. 
Aerial Imagery
Thanks to the technological advancements, many buyers and renters are doing business without setting foot on properties and according to MLS data, homes that incorporated aerial photos in a real estate listing sold at 68% faster rate than homes with normal photos. 
Aerial images are a game changer because clients are now able to see the current condition of the roof and plot of land.  In the case of larger properties, aerial photography is a great way to give clients a true perspective of the property.
If you already own a drone and choose to take the images yourself, please know there are laws prohibiting the commercial flying of drones without a proper certification. Any flight that is not recreational and/or will help you profit is considered commercial. 
Examples of my work

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