Born & raised in Puerto Rico to parents from upstate New York. As a kid, I looked forward to at all the amazing images of unique places in my father's monthly subscription of National Geographic. In my teen years and I used my point & shoot camera to take images of show cars but when I captured a lightning striking on the horizon, I realized this was something I was good at. I graduated college and moved to Tampa, FL in 2009. Fast forward to 2016, I decide to begin taking family portraits at unique locations around Tampa, FL on my free weekends.
My freelancing quickly became a passion. It was more than just taking pictures of the beauty I saw thru my lens, it was about capturing a moment in time. I learned very quickly my passion is fueled by my subjects. Seeing their smiles as they view their images, their children or their family. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to quit my 15 year career to pursue this crazy passion of mine. 
When I'm not feeding my passion, I enjoy the outdoors and exploring. From kayaking rivers, to mountain biking with the family. Exploring backroads and finding some amazing places that only few have seen.​​​​​​ More of that Be ready for some sarcasm and dad jokes whenever I'm around. 
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