With the advancements in technology always pushing the envelope, one revolutionary tool has been the drone. Saving thousands of dollars spent on hiring a helicopter or airplane pilot who might need to fly from a distant airport. With the ability to takeoff and land from a field, sidewalk or vessel, drones make it quick and convenient to give unique perspectives to the content consumers. Combined with the advancements in cameras, drones can capture 48 Mega Pixel images and amazing footage in 4K 
Businesses & Rental Properties
Attract more attention with stunning video and photos of your business or short-term rental (ie Airbnb & VRBO) Make it an immersive experience with unique views that will capture viewers attention and entice them to visit.
Developers & CDDs
Showcase the amenities, facilities & neighborhood to attract potential buyers & homeowners. If you've developed a neighborhood, you want to get the return on your investment as quickly as possible. If you're on a Community Development District board, you need to keep homes occupied so you can continue to upkeep and improve your community.
Films & Documentaries
You're producing a film or documentary but working on a limited budget. Drones are a perfect solution! Capture 4K video up to 60 fps in areas expensive planes or helicopters can't reach. 
Opening a business or recently made a remodel? Drone media can really show the scale of your project. Maybe you want to show your services after the project was completed. Combine aerial media with your interview or walkthrough. 

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